Healing through the Akashic Records Practitioner Certification

Healing through the Akashic Records Practitioner Certification is a 3-day online certification class that will show you how to heal and transform the personal and sacred human wounds and beliefs and ideas around them into opportunities for growth, inner peace and self-love by knowing your soul’s perfection and the Akashic Records perspective.

Why is the Akashic Records good for spiritual healing?

Akashic Records is a spiritual resource that connects you to your soul’s journey but also offers atmosphere natural for spiritual healing! Every time we enter the Records, we actually experience the healing, and, in this class, we will not only explore that but also a three-step process of spiritual healing as well.

What if I have never accessed or read the Akashic Records?

Don’t worry if you have never accessed or read the Akashic Records, this is the stand-alone class. We will review everything including how to access and read them for yourself and others based on using only the method to access the records called the Pathway Prayer Process©️

Who is the Healing through the Akashic Records Certification class for?

  • This class is available to all the spiritual seekers that have been on a personal journey of healing and wish to go deeper.
  • Amazing for lightworkers, spiritual practitioners, empaths, healers, and teachers to go through spiritual healing process in the Akashic Records, so that they can help others as well.
  • Open to all levels.

Topics Covered in This Class:

  • Spiritual Healing- perspectives and possibilities and stages required for permanent healing.
  • Transform ordinary wounds into sacred opportunities.
  • Unconditional self-love as a part of spiritual practice.
  • Relationships with others-path of peace.
  • Moving from resentment to acceptance and gain freedom from limiting patterns.
  • Rise above victimizations to empowerment and transcend the negative impact of human difficulties.
Healing though the Akashic Records book


Healing trough the Akashic Records by Dr. Linda Howe

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Private Certifications are available in-person in the Las Vegas area, for a minimum of 4 students. If you are interested please fill out the form below to get on the list.

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