About Anika


  • Certified Akashic Records Advanced Practitioner/Advanced Teacher
  • Certified Elite Life Coach
  • Certified Big Money Coach
  • Certified Realm Reader
  • Usui Reiki Master
  • Ordained Interfaith Minister

My Story

I have always been naturally intuitive and drawn to seeking the path of the mystic and a Lightworker. However, I never consciously used any of my abilities until later in life because where I grew up in Eastern Europe that was just not accepted as “normal”. I had a strong sense of purpose and devotion to God and that helped me stay focused on what I thought was my mission- bringing peace to the world and becoming a diplomat. I worked hard on it for years and moved to the USA to pursue further education. That same year Sept 11th happened, and it changed my life completely. It made me doubt the course I was taking and question if politics or diplomacy could really make a difference. I decided to take some time off and from that point on took on different roles and jobs seeking to find my purpose again. During that time is when my conscious spiritual awakening occurred. My father passed away and that was a tragic and devastating event for me. I found solace through my friends in the mystic field, the mediums. Through a powerful session I was told that my father wanted to meet me in the Akashic Records. It only took me seconds and I was on my way learning to open and read the Records. It was a magical moment where I felt reunited the energy that was so familiar and loving. I was hooked. I started reading the Akashic records for others because I wanted everyone to have that same experience. I also recognized that all my intuitive abilities were coming back to life and I was happy they were. I started to open to higher consciousness and different aspects of Divine communication, to channel and teach. This became my calling and my pathway to really knowing God and the Divine.

Along the way I have had some wonderful catalyst, mentors and human guides. I also feel so much gratitude that I am supported by the Divine and Source energy, my teams of guides and loving benevolent Light beings.

I am continuing to grow and evolve through this amazing soul journey. The fact that I get to share my gifts and mastery with my clients, students and other heart-centered people is an honor and privilege.

Anika Ray is a conscious channel, spiritual coach and Akashic Records specialist. She is naturally clairaudient and clairvoyant. She also is also certified as a life and business coach, healer and intuitive. Besides being a student of the Spirit and many aspects of the Divine, Anika has studied with many renown and respected spiritual mentors and teachers like Linda Howe, Danelle Rama Hoffman and Vincent Genna.

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