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I am happy that you are here! My name is Anika Ray, I am a conscious channel, spiritual intuitive & coach. I help heart-centered, spiritual seekers like yourself  access spiritual guidance to find clarity, spiritual healing and empowerment you deserve, so you can step into spiritual and personal transformation, navigate your awakening and live consciously- a soul driven life of purpose and meaning. I am so passionate and honored to be the medium that facilitates this connection to the elements of the Divine and teaching you how to do that for yourself, because I have experienced how much love and support we all have from the Universe, source energy and also the spiritual realms and teams of guides.

How I Work

I am naturally intuitive but I consciously channel the guidance from the Akashic or Soul Records and through other high vibrational beings of light. These spiritual resources allow me to go deeper to the spiritual core of the issue and bring through the perspective connected to the soul level, consciousness and energy. This is where powerful, positive shifts happen first and then are manifested further through our inspired action. I use these resources in a conscious, deliberate way that I have not only learned from the guides but also through many professional trainings that have prepared me to be a reader/channel, teacher and coach.

How We Can Work Together  

We can work together in many ways. Start where it feels natural. Sometimes you may need me to access the guidance for you and other times you will be guided to access it yourself and work on your own growth alone.
I offer:

  • Personal consultations
  • Akashic Certification Classes based on Pathway Prayer Process™️
  • Channeled Spiritual Workshops
  • Spiritual mentoring

I am looking forward to working with you and I am honored to be a part of your journey !

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